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Art Along the Way – 16-20/100 Camino Photos

What kind of art will you encounter on the Camino de Santiago from Roncesvalles to Pamplona? Many kinds. From the very informal, on bridges …



Or stop signs …

stop sign

Or homes …

house art

To the professional …


Even on government buildings …



Art is an expression of our joys, weaknesses, and desire for beauty as well as a way to pass the time. All are evident on the Camino.

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Pamplona in April – 13-15/100 Camino Photos

Pamplona is one of the bigger cities on the Camino de Santiago route, with a population of around 200,000. The famous running of the bulls in July is what the city is primarily known for, but it has a charm apart from that. Founded in Roman times, it has persevered for centuries.


This wide angle shot shows the Plaza del Castillo, the biggest square. Hemingway is said to have occupied an apartment that looked out into the square.


Seeds of rebellion have sprouted in this region, known for Basque separatists that don’t hide their allegiance. In the narrow streets, above the shops, you will often see flags such as these.