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The Wildest, Wackiest Scavenger Hunt This Side of the Pecos

Some months ago, my husband Dave and I attended a class called Laughter Yoga. The teacher asked each of us why we were taking the class. Dave answered, “Because my wife likes to do weird things.”

I do? This was news to me. Though upon reflection, Dave was probably right.

In that same vein, Dave and I participated in GISHWHES for the second time. This time we managed to talk our 18 year old nephew into joining us. And you know what? The whole experience was … weird.

That’s to be expected, though, if you know anything about the Greatest Internet Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen (GISHWHES). Proof is excerpted from their website:

gishwhes believes that “normalcy” is overrated and that true “living” can be found hidden under the rocks of community artistic creation, acts of artistic sublime public performances, and random acts of kindness. More importantly, we are all artists and have gifts for society no matter what our capabilities or talents. And most importantly, we at GISHWHES want you to know the most important thing we’ve learned in the past four years: it is almost impossible to make durable clothing from cheese.

Now that you are practically frothing at the mouth in anticipation, here are things that Dave, myself, and our nephew “accomplished” during GISHWHES 2015.

#23. IMAGE. Tour a wastewater/sewage treatment factory dressed in formal attire with an accompanying violinist or flutist

When I called our local wastewater plant to schedule a tour the following occurred.

Attendant: “What’s the occasion?”
Me: “Err … a scavenger hunt.”
Attendant, unsurprised. “Oh yeah. Is this the one where you have to be playing a violin and wearing formal wear?”
Me: “Yes ….?”
Attendant, sounding bored: “We already had one person do that. See you tomorrow.”


#41. IMAGE. The cats are coming! Prepare your dog for battle. Outfit him or her with armory, weaponry, cutting edge laser gear – whatever it takes to create a canine of mass destruction.

Here you see our intrepid battle hound, Misha. Watch out or she might stab you good.


#44. IMAGE. Let’s see a portrait of Robert Downey, Jr. or Ironman made entirely of salt and pepper. Tweet it to him (@robertdowneyjr) with @gishwhes in the tweet. SUBMIT a link to the image to us, NOT a link to an image of the tweet – but you must tweet it to him for your image to count.

Our cherub-faced nephew Jacob created this one. Truly, he has a future in condiments, does he not?


#79 IMAGE. Take an infrared photo of a popsicle in your mouth.

This is Dave with his phone held up to his head, not a gun.


#108. VIDEO. (Time lapse this down to 14 seconds.) Lay your bets, and time lapse a snail race from the starting gun to the finish line.

This one took a surprisingly long time to completely.

Well, okay. Maybe not so surprising now that I think about it.

#110. VIDEO. Use a cutting edge 3D printer to 3D print your representation of the 4th dimension.

Dave is the creative mind behind this one.

#112. IMAGE. Let’s see a refined game of croquet on a public lawn of a historic site. All participants must be zombies.

We had some help with this one, as you can see. The other park-goers may never recover from the horror we produced. 104

#132. VIDEO. Make an action movie trailer. The main star: a pot roast.

This is also Jacob’s creation, and I am so impressed that I expect this boy’s film to be outselling Steven Spielberg at the theater any day now. Kickstarter for the actual film, anyone?

Keep your eyes pealed for next year’s scavenger hunt. Do yourself a favor and stock up on caffeinated beverages and courage, though. You’ll need both.

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The Greatest Internet Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen

When Dave and I got married all those years ago, I pledged to take him for better, for worse, for richer, for poor, and so on.

There was nothing in those vows about creating him undergarments out of toast.

“It keeps falling off!” he protested.

You try securing toast to someone’s underwear while they are standing there complaining about it,” I said, as I struggled to extend the transparent tape around Dave’s waist in a manner which would hold up for at least a few minutes.

I had made sure to toast the bread earlier. I had even, thoughtfully, let the toast cool off before slapping it on my husband’s body. What more did he want?

At about this point in the blog post, you may be wondering what in the world I’m talking about. You see, Dave and I were participating in one of the wackiest weeks of our life, also known as the Greatest Internet Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen, or GISHWHES  for short. Started by the Supernatural actor Misha Collins, for reasons that remain murky at best, it involves a weeklong frenzy of weirdness. Thousands of people all over the world compete in teams to see who can earn the most points by doing things such as:

No. 69:  Provide a picture of someone wearing toast for underwear. Butter and jam are optional.


Yes. Most seriously.

Below is visual evidence of our “success” for this item. It may be interesting to note that, later, I was scrolling through my cell phone pictures to show someone the toast underwear when a teenage boy standing nearby happen to glimpse the uncropped version of this photograph. He shrieked and called for bleach to soak his eyes in. He may still be blind to this day.

Underwear made from toast

GISHWHES consists of around 150 items that are so bizarre, so insane, so unexpectedly brilliant that you can only laugh, and then get busy trying to figure out how to accomplish them. Evidence:

No. 2 Create a video. Go order food at your favorite fast food restaurant. Greet the attendant, explain how hungry you are, what you want to eat, and how good it will make you feel. One thing, you must speak as the Bard wrote. Place your order in Shakespearean verse.

(The sound is quite low at the beginning of this 30 second video, but hang in there, it gets better)

No. 14. Create an image. You, dressed as The Flash in the Large Hadron Collider tunnel. If this is too difficult, you will get full credit for dressing as The Flash in any actual, operational particle accelerator.

Luckily, Dave had one of those at work. And making The Flash costume turned out to be the biggest hassle. It resulted in Dave buying a women’s small red shirt and decorating it. Getting the shirt off his head afterward involved some personal injury and a visit to the chiropractor.


Work was also useful when it came to:

No. 121. Create an image. Enjoy a burrito standing in front of a laboratory. The international laser warning sign must be visible behind you.


Lest you wonder where I was with all this craziness, I was doing things such as:

No. 56. Take a picture. Create an online dating profile for your pet on a real dating site.


Why did we choose to participate in such an offbeat event? God only knows. The entire endeavor involved an exhausting, stressful, bizarre, hilarious week. Most of the people who join in this challenge are college-age, and rightly so since it takes a lot of energy, fearlessness, and dedication.

If this blog post has not discouraged you, but intrigued you instead, you are in luck. Sign-ups are currently open for this year’s GISHWHES, which will take place from August 2 – 9.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.