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Coming Soon! An Ice-Tastic Cover Reveal!

The thermometer is climbing where I am. Today it is in the mid-80s. Not so bad, really. But the temperature is supposed to rise a couple of degrees every day for at least a week. And I don’t have an air conditioner. Is it any wonder that I am dreaming of going someplace like this:


Photo courtesy of Les Anderson

I mean, yeah, there’s not a whole lot to do there after a while, but at least I would not be sweating.

Anyhow. This quite nicely relates to a wondrous event that is happening in honor of my Antarctica-themed historical romance novelette’s debut, whose cover reveal is coming! Soon. Very soon. Woo hoo! Confetti! Screams of excitement! Come on, get into the spirit. Okay, then, how about some actual description for the story to get you hyped.

Whiter Pastures
Xina Marie Uhl
Publication date: July 5th 2017
Genres: Adult, Historical, Romance

A romantic novelette in the Icebound series, an ongoing collection of polar delights.

Behold dogsleds and penguins. Howling winds and cold, pitiless wastes. This is Antarctica, where the intrepid inhabitants of the frozen ends of the earth battle the terrain, and each other, to find love—in a past much like that of the early 1900s.

Reluctant spinster Florance Barton fled to the British Antarctic base to escape a scandalous love affair, among other things. Amidst the handful of other women there, Florance is the perfect chambermaid, meek, mild, and forgettable. No one has a clue that she’s also a novice spy.

When handsome young Handy McHanagan arrives at the base, he sets everyone agog. He’s charming, artistic, and … an accomplished gardener. His arrival may just be a mistake on the part of naval command. Or is it something more sinister?

Because killer seals and subzero ice storms and aren’t the only danger in Antarctica: a enemy spy is on the loose. Florance has been ordered to choose between queen and country and her heart. Because penguin is off the menu now–and murder is its replacement.

How about now? Can I get an “Amen”? There’s one more thing you can give me, if you’re feeling generous. You can sign up to post the reveal when it happens on Wednesday, June 28th, 2017. Xpresso Book Tours will send you an email with the posting information two days before the reveal. All you need to do is to SIGN UP HERE.

Thank you in advance from the bottom of my (sweaty) heart!