Published Works

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Tales that Fuse Fantasy, History & Anthropology

Six stories of far off times and places. A slave-mercenary struggles  to save the life of his mistress, a palace guard defends his city against the destroyer of prophecy, a wanderer brings more than just past grief into the lives of four sisters, two men who go on a dangerous hunt to kill the witches destroying their village, an outcast tries to outwit the village oracle and get justice for her murdered mother, and a captain discovers how high the cost is to return the dead to their rightful homes.

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New Audio from the Authors of XC Publishing

Five humorous short stories make up this collection by Deborah Ochery, Janet L. Loftis, and Xina Marie Uhl. Here you’ll find a quirky mix of romance, science fiction, and fantasy that’s sure to amuse as well as intrigue you. The best part of all? It’s FREE.

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Cover Art for A Fairy Tail and Out of the Bag by Xina Marie Uhl




Guaranteed to Make You Grin

Two lighthearted short stories make up this duo. A lustful knight and a shape-changing unicorn compete to win the hand of a damsel who’s not in distress and Jason the cop makes an intriguing personal connection that’s not what it seems.

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Cover art for The Cat's Guide to Human Behavior



A Humorous Self-Help Manual … for Cats!

The mysteries of humans’ strange habits and bizarre desires are revealed in this clever, timely guide for the modern cat. Discover answers to timeless feline questions such as: Why does my human refuse to groom herself with her tongue? For decades felines have been meowing for such a guidebook – don’t deny them any longer!

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A bejeweled gauntlet in a treasure chest serves as the cover art for The Challenge Accepted by Cheryl Dyson and Xina Marie Uhl



Book Two of the Gauntlet Trilogy is available NOW!

Brydon’s quest for the Gauntlet of Ven-Kerrick continues as the mysterious Dark Master sends him on an unexpected journey through ruined cities and forgotten castles. On the way, he gathers new friends and new enemies, but will time run out before he can save his former companions?

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Cover art for The Gauntlet Thrown by Cheryl Dyson & Xina Marie Uhl


Book One of the Gauntlet Trilogy

Brydon’s quest was simple. Borrow the fabled Gauntlet of Ven-Kerrick, bring it home to prove his worth, marry the princess, and ascend the throne. He had planned for the dangerous terrain and Redolian assassins, but he did not count on slavers and werewolves. He did not expect the Gauntlet to be missing, nor to find …

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Cover art for Necropolis by Xina Marie Uhl


Epic Fantasy and Sorcerous Intrigue

In an ancient desert city where the spirits of long dead rulers rustle through the winding streets, a prison guard is forced to save the life of a young priest whose lost memory holds the key to the fate of two cities. Become entangled in the web of political rivalries …

 $3.99 USD  ♦  More Info …

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