Prayers for Loved Ones and Supporters


May the very cells in your body radiate health, love, and happiness. May the doctors and nurses who treat you be guided by the Holy Spirit. May your heart and mind be opened to love and kindness, and may you be healed in all ways.


May health, happiness, and love enfold you now. May goodness and mercy follow you all the days of your life. May you dwell in the house of the Lord forever.


May the fullness of life be yours now and always. May goodness and joy enfold you like a warm blanket. May all of your heart’s desires come to pass.


May your nightly sleep be sound, restorative, and rejuvenating. May you have all the energy you need and desire for your daily activities.


May a flowering of love, forgiveness, and compassion unfold across the earth. May kindness and love overcome all pain and need. May life in all abundance rain down upon all living beings and bring forth beauty and sweetness.


May you have life, and have it more abundantly.


May abundance, mercy, compassion, and kindness bless you and your loved ones every moment of every day.


May you taste the sweetness of life; may you hear the laughter of loved ones; and may you see your fondest wishes realized.

May your generosity be returned to you twelvefold.


May joy be your close companion, love your bulwark, happiness your normal state, and grace the reward for your devotion.


All that needs to happen for Lina’s mother to sell her house is happening right now, with ease, harmony, and perfect joy. The right buyer appears quickly, and pays the right price. Whatever roadblocks currently exist for the smooth transition of living spaces evaporate like smoke, and all is well.  Amen.

Mary Ann

May you have a gentle, happy life, full of years.


Health, happiness, joy, and abundance are yours now and always. You live life to the fullest and are a source of great blessing for everyone in your life.


May life bring you unexpected blessings, radiant wellbeing, and companions to share your joys and uplift you in your sorrow. May goodness and peace follow you all the days of your life.


Like jasmine and roses, you bring sweetness and beauty to all those in your life. May you discover unexpected blessings, radiant health, and joyous companionship every day of your life.


May your life be happy, healthy, and blessed with all good things.


May you and your family be blessed with safety, health, happiness, and joy. May your goodness and generosity be reflected back upon you tenfold. May kindness and love follow you all the days of your life.


May you be blessed with the strongest protection, the sweetest joys, the most radiant happiness, and the most lovely life. May great health be yours, long life, and deep satisfaction.


May your life be rich with love, joy, good health, and abundance. May your heart be filled; may your cup run over with all manner of goodness and wonder.

Nancy T

Health, wealth, and happiness are yours now and always.


May you be healthy and happy and know that you are loved.

Bailey, Mandy, Darren

Tim, Camino Pilgrim’s brother with leukemia

Lydie, mum, Shandi, John, Ian (health, happiness, strength for trials