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Cleopatra Cover Reveal!

Like many work-for-hire writers, I usually find out when my book’s cover is done by checking The other day I was thrilled to see the cover for my upcoming nonfiction release Cleopatra: Queen of Egypt. I absolutely love it! Just like I absolutely loved writing the book – ancient history is the jam in my jelly roll! I believe it’s coming out in August.



7 thoughts on “Cleopatra Cover Reveal!”

    1. Inside, I believe. This is the first title I’ve done for Britannica, and they don’t focus on the author too much – I didn’t even get a bio. But it’s much better than some of the books I’ve written which did not credit me at all!

      1. I’ve not heard of either of those two systems before, Xina – Amazon Kindle, CreateSpace and Smashwords, etc, like featuring authors and give them their own author pages. Although I notice Barnes & Noble don’t.

        1. This is a traditionally published book – I write nonfiction children’s books work-for-hire, which means that I get paid up front and not by royalties. These are educational books that are for libraries and classrooms, places like that.

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