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Not Tapped Out – Tapped In!

I had an amazing experience the other day. EFT Tapping Practitioner Helen McConnell interviewed me about my writing inspirations and the young adult fantasy novel that will be published later this year. Then we got to the meat of the interview: What’s Bugging Me? I thought it was clutter. It turned out to be a pain in my ass! Like, literally.

Yes, I just said that. I’m embracing my butt pain!

If you don’t know what EFT Tapping is or what the heck I’m talking about don’t worry! Here’s a quick video that gives you the basics. That’s all you need to know.

Come listen to the interview and learn more about EFT tapping, and Helen McConnell’s worthwhile and transformative healing skills.


Promiscuous Bathing at Margate: Victorian Outrage Over Indecency at the Public Beach

What a wonderful post about our prim and proper (or not) ancestors. Bathing machines! I feel a story idea coming on …

Mimi Matthews

“Indecency among the Margate Bathers comes round as regularly as the season itself.”
The Era, 23 July 1865.

The Harbor, Margate, England, 1890-1900.
(Library of Congress)

In Victorian England, it was generally believed that the sexes should be kept apart when bathing. To that end, the gentlemen’s wheeled bathing machines at the beach were often kept as much as a quarter of a mile away from the ladies’ machines. This allowed both ladies and gentlemen to enter their respective machines, change into their swimming costumes, and descend into the waves for a swim all without exposing themselves to the lascivious gazes of the opposite sex. There was only one problem—many Victorian ladies and gentlemen actually wanted to swim in company with each other. When they did so, the scandalous practice was known as promiscuous bathing.

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