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Life in All Its Manifestations – 92-97/100 Camino Photos

In the Montes de Oca along the Camino de Santiago approaching Burgos you will find nature in all its glory. That which is manipulated by humans such as these sheep

and this display of succulents


And that which is wild and unexpected, like this little denizen of the mountains


A bit beautiful


A bit creepy


And perhaps a bit strange. A bit of Scripture, out of context, and oddly resonant, springs to mind. “I am a brother to dragons, and companion to owls.” Job 30:29.

Soon enough, though, such musings disappear as I pass once again into a small village, and am reminded of the many kilometers ahead.



It seems that 100 photos are just not enough. I have traveled about 300 kilometers so far – but there is much more to go. Please, then. Join me as I extend this series to 100 more Camino photos.

If you’ve missed any of these photos, feel free to backtrack over here.



4 thoughts on “Life in All Its Manifestations – 92-97/100 Camino Photos”

    1. The area is pretty sparse and rocky so I would imagine that they have to move the sheep around a lot. They looked fairly healthy, which is good.

      Haha, yes, the black snail was almost as long as my foot, too!

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