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Details of the Fantastic – 79-84/100 Camino Photos



On the way to Belorado, I stopped at a roadside bar to use their restroom. As decoration, I saw this ancient piece. “Viejo,” I commented. Old. “Si,” confirmed the proprietor. Who can say how old? It has a Roman look to it, in my eyes. Perhaps it has been harvested from some ancient temple. It is entirely possible, here in Spain.


Storks form common decorations, as well. They appreciate church towers most of all.


And together with dwellings carved from rocks, they provide a beautiful detail in a panorama.

churchand hill


Color abounds in Belorado, a knightly history.




The town of Belorado seemed lonely, and when I declined to stay in the albergue where I ate lunch, the proprietor looked disappointed. Economically, the place is struggling. Perhaps that is why their art hearkens back to the glories of the past.


If you’ve missed any of these photos, feel free to backtrack over here.


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