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Red, Red Wine – 59-61/100 Camino Photos

La Rioja is the name of a Spanish region famous for its red earth, vineyards, and delicious wines. What a tranquil, beautiful walk it is through this area!



I must confess that I have forgotten the purpose of the building below. I want to say that it is an oven, or drying hut for meat, but I am not entirely sure. Please comment if I am wrong.


If you’ve missed any of these photos, feel free to backtrack over here.

Next post? The Monastery of Yuso. Not to be confused with the Monastery of Suso.


5 thoughts on “Red, Red Wine – 59-61/100 Camino Photos”

  1. I like your blog, photos, and short but sweet writing style. Just curious about the 100 photo idea. Are you posting 1 or 2 a day while on your Camino?
    I was in Spain last October and fell in love with it so decided to take the journey myself over the next few years. I just started a blog about all-things Camino.

    1. No, I finished my Camino in early May and I’m just now posting the pictures. I took so many pictures that it’s quite time-consuming to go through all of them. I’ll check out your blog. Sounds great!

      1. That is great! I know it takes time to pick the best shots. And how will you decide what photos make the cut of just 100? I would love to link to your photos from my Camino blog, if that’s ok with you.

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