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Food for the Soul – 35-41/100 Camino Photos

What can you expect food-wise while walking the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain? Well, first there’s the wine – delicious, cheap, and omnipresent. In fact, there’s even a free wine fountain at the Monasterio de Irache. I’ll just let that sink in for a moment. FREE WINE ON THE CAMINO. It also includes a webcam so that you can tell your friends to look at you drinking free wine in Spain. You know, if you are mean like that.

wine fountain

Wine is always accompanied by bread. So, so much bread everywhere. My attempt at avoiding carbs quickly went by the wayside in the face of all this bread. For lunch you can have a bocadillo, or sandwich. See what I mean by bread?


The Pilgrim’s Menu at local bars or restaurants is usually around 10 Euros and includes three courses and the ubiquitous bread and wine.


The first course is usually pasta or salad, which I have sadly neglected to record in photographic form. The second course, though, is invariably some sort of meat or eggs along with French fries.



I especially loved the fish, which is fresh and incredibly delicious. You must eat around the bones and the fried head and tail may be a bit disconcerting, but you get over that soon enough. Plus, you have postre to look forward to. Which is …


Mmmmm. Dessert. My favorite course, and the reason for many an extra pound on my body. The Spanish do love their desserts, though. If one a day is not enough you have many of other choices …


Ah, Spain. Your countryside, your people, your food. Incomparable!


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