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Remembering Dreams – 3-4/100 Camino Photos

Most people start their trek on the Camino de Santiago (French Way) at St. Jean Pied de Port, a small French town just over the border between Spain and France. They cross the Pyrenees on their first day, struggling to go up, up, up the mountains. Instead, I decided to start in Roncesvalles, Spain, just over the mountains from St. Jean, but incredibly beautiful just the same.



The trail passes domesticated lands – fields and animals arranged by humans. Peace and quiet reigns supreme. I am reminded of the documentary Cave of Forgotten Dreams, which shows the magnificent cave paintings of our early ancestors. The cave is in southern France, not terribly far from Roncesvalles and these scenes. Indeed, these spots feel as though humans have lived here for eons. Blue sky, crisp, clean air, and the smell of fresh grass. Something primeval within me responds to these simple things.


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