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Update on My Camino de Santiago

Well, I leave on my trip in a little more than two weeks already. Time is really closing in! It’s a bit of a mad rush to make arrangements and order the last minute items I’ll need, and make sure that I think of all the things that need to be taken care of at home while I’m gone.


I’m up to walking 7-8 miles in one go now, which is harder on the dogs than me. A couple of my dogs were attacked by a pit bull last week and so they are out of the walking duty while they recover. The remaining dog, Rudy the terrier, is usually sandwiched between these two. Now he is free to sniff the flowers and leap at lizards, but also to demand lots of rest breaks. Hiking so often has been wonderful in beautiful springtime, as you can see from the pictures.


My goal is to be up to 10 miles in one go by the time I leave, so I’m 75% of the way there! Woo hoo!

I also received my credential in the mail. The various albergues (pilgrim hostels) along the way will stamp it for me, qualifying me for the low pilgrim rate. It’s a sort of pilgrim passport, I suppose.

FullSizeRender (2)

The financial generosity of many continues to amaze and humble me. One donator even gave me two separate donations! I so appreciate the kind emails, messages, and shares/retweets that you all have helped me with. I’m a very lucky person to be the recipient of so much attention! I’m at 32% of my goal amount. This means that 13 days of room and board have been paid for already! Just 27 left to go.

Back at the beginning of this preparation experience I told my doctor about what I was doing. He pronounced it good for me “mentally, physically, and spiritually.” The “opening jitters” did make me question this at first, but now that I’m almost there I see the truth of his prescription.


2 thoughts on “Update on My Camino de Santiago”

    1. Thanks so much! I feel like I’m on track and getting stronger and better. My pups are doing okay but it’s been an ordeal. One needed surgery and the other is in a cone of shame. Thankfully, the pit bull’s owner has taken responsibility for their vet care or I wouldn’t be able to go on the Camino at all.

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