Antarctica’s farthest frontier: The strange story of the Pole of Inaccessibility Station.

Interesting tale about one of my obsessions – Antarctica!


pole of inaccessibility

What’s the farthest away you can get from everything and still be on planet Earth? The easy and obvious answer is Antarctica, which is a fascinating place with an astounding history, but it’s still a very large place. Where in Antarctica is, technically and scientifically, the “farthest” place on Earth? I did not know the answer until yesterday, but it’s a place called the South Pole of Inaccessibility. It was first reached by human beings 56 years ago today, on December 14, 1958, and its story is as epic as any tale of exploration or discovery in recent human history.

The Pole of Inaccessibility is not the same as the South Pole. While the geographic South Pole is the southernmost point on Earth, where the axis of its rotation intersects its surface, the Pole of Inaccessibility is the place, mathematically calculated, to be the farthest distance from land anywhere in…

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