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Is It Only Wednesday?

WIPpet Wednesday BannerToday is the day of the week where I share a little snippet of my work in progress, thus, a WIPpet. It is posted as part of a challenge hosted by K.L. Schwengel. My WIPpet needs to have something to do with today’s date. And so, today’s snippet relies on convoluted WIPpet math – 8 sentences (5/21 … 5+2+1=8). This is from my short story “The Pomegranate Tree.” 

It approached from leagues off, a deep, dark purple mass that blotted out the sky from east to west, horizon to the heavens above. It moved relentlessly, eating up the earth before it like a swarm of locusts devours green stalks of wheat.

A cold clawed hand of fear seized her by the shoulders. She slipped out of its grasp in favor of action. Snatching up Iambe’s limp hand, she tugged, crying, “Come, sister. We have no time to waste!”

“No,” moaned Iambe. “It’s no use. Tonight I feed Cerebus at the River Styx.”

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12 thoughts on “Is It Only Wednesday?”

  1. The urgency here is tangible. Really fantastic imagery. Sometimes, as much as I like reading longer snippets, these brief ones are better because it’s easier to focus on a particular detail. In this one, it’s the sense of foreboding.

  2. I couldn’t help but compare this with the skies this morning when a thunderhead cut its way across world, making what had been white sun-raise fog into night murk in bare breaths…. (the automatic lights on the car turned on, the skies were THAT black). So this scene seems even more intense for the present visual…

    Great to have you back, Xina. Feeding Cerebus to the River Styx…. poor puppy. 😉

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