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The Shield

Source: http://pixabay.com/en/wappen-adler-golden-shield-3913/

I am the lone wood in the warp of battle,
Wounded by iron, broken by blade,
Weary of war. Often I see
Battle-rush, rage, fierce fight flaring–
I hold no hope for help to come
Before I fall finally with warriors
Or feel the flame. The hard hammer-leavings
Strike me; the bright-edged, battle-sharp
Handiwork of smiths bites in battle.
Always I must await the harder encounter
For I could never find in the world any
Of the race of healers who heal hard wounds
With roots and herbs. So I suffer
Sword-slash and death-wound day and night.


–Prior to 10th century AD (p. 63, A Feast of Creatures: Anglo-Saxon Riddle Songs, trans. by Craig Williamson)



2 thoughts on “The Shield”

  1. Oh! I love this. I love traditional riddle songs and this is such a strikingly beautiful example. I hope that you are planning to include more of these as you are researching. 🙂

    1. So glad you enjoyed it! It really spoke to me. I’m just learning about riddle songs and I must say, they are tempting me to learn Old English, a temptation I would probably regret as I have 8 million things going on right now and probably couldn’t dedicate enough time to it.

      Yes, I will definitely try to post more. They are so affecting!

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