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They Grow Up So Fast … Like, in 6 Weeks!

From previous experience with my cockatiels laying clutches of eggs, I was determined not to expect this latest clutch of hatchlings would survive. Whether from disease or parental neglect or some sort of genetic defects, previous clutches have had rather high attrition rates. However, this clutch – all SIX of them – have not only survived, but thrived! And now they’ve grown up and left the nest box, except for one that’s not quite ready yet.

Anyhow, here are pictures of the oldest two babies and then some. Birds are not all that easy to photograph when I need to stick my camera into a cage (they tend to view the camera as an “enemy” and flap around) so even though I fancy myself a bit of a photographer, these aren’t the greatest shots in the world.

Gray and white cockatiel
This little guy is the oldest of the bunch. He’s a lot prettier now than when he was first hatched!
The second to the oldest baby. Isn't she beautiful?
The second to the oldest baby. Isn’t she beautiful?

Cinnamon cockatiel.

Proud Papa. The bird in focus here is a fully grown adult – the babies have shorter tufts at the top of their heads and tailfeathers.

And, since I don’t think I’ve posted a picture of her for a while, here’s my girl dog Kima. She’s quite the hunter of tennis balls – she’s waiting for my husband to throw one as I took this shot. Right now, she’s taking a nap beside my computer and snoring a little.

Kima, my German Shepherd/Basenji mix.
Kima, my German Shepherd/Basenji mix.

Interested in seeing more pictures or in joining fellow animal lovers by posting your own pictures? Click below.




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