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Pomegranate Seeds and Hungry Chicks

Today is the day of the week where I share a little snippet of my work in progress, thus, a WIPpet. It is posted as part of a challenge hosted by K.L. Schwengel. My WIPpet needs to have something to do with today’s date. And so, today’s snippet is 4 lines from the 23rd paragraph (4/23). This is from my short story “The Pomegranate Tree.” Here, a mysterious woman has appeared by a well:

 The woman blinked slowly and her strange pale eyes reminded Callithoe of past years, of the great amber jewel her mother had worn during the harvest festival. 

Back when there was a harvest.

The woman looked at her, and unease struck Callithoe low in the belly. Callithoe seemed to be gazing into the eyes of some alien, unknowable creature, like a fearsome lion, or a hawk full-grown and in its glory. 

Visit my fellow WIPpet participants here, or join the fun yourself:

Also, I have another photo for Michelle’s Weekly Pet Photo Challenge. Last week, you may recall, that all the six baby cockatiels fit in a tiny little bowl. The little guys grow QUICKLY. Here is this week’s photo, with the old bowl as comparison. The two cockatiels with pinfeathers are 3 weeks old. The others are only 2 weeks old.





21 thoughts on “Pomegranate Seeds and Hungry Chicks”

  1. I’m very curious about this mysterious woman now and about how pomegranates are involved (one of my favorite things to eat). This is a great excrpt. I like that the MC is not very curious about the woman, but she’s more nostalgic about her. That really makes me wonder.

      1. What struck me most was how this woman triggered emotive reactions when she had a near critical eye for other details. Just a sense there was more going on…

  2. A lot of details in a short excerpt. Love the eyes. And I love the name Callithoe. Although it sounds better in my head than when I make my tongue try to say it! 😉

    Oh, those babies are getting huge! Still the kind of cute only a mother could love…

  3. Great description in this snippet, Xina! Really got a feel for “the woman.” You also did a great job of tossing out intriguing information without an info dump.

    No kidding do those babies grow fast!

  4. Those little guys do grow quickly, don’t they? Are you having to raise them by hand and do all the mommy stuff for them?

    I like your excerpt. I get a good idea of the strange woman’s eyes and expression, even though you don’t describe them directly. 🙂

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