Sales Psychology for Authors

Another reminder of who I am and what I’m doing out here in the big bad world.


Salesman pic


I had been a salesman at Sears for several years paying my way through college.

  • But I loathed salesmanship.
  • So I found ways to help match people with products that didn’t feel like salesmanship.

Now I’m an author who has books for sale.

  • But I still loathe salesmanship.
  • Marketing is an important tool for selling books.
  • So I’ve discovered ways to help match readers with books that don’t feel like salesmanship.

Many authors feel like writing artists.

  • Their writing is fueled by passion, not by finance.
  • The reason they want sales is to share their passion with readers.

Many authors don’t feel like salespeople.

  • Yet they need to sell books in order to share their passion.
  • So they need to find ways to market their books that don’t feel like salesmanship.

Marketing without Salesmanship

What you want to avoid:

  • Hyping up the book to sound better than it really is.

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