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Travel Worries

bags-166764_640When I get in a car to go on a road trip, or haul my suitcase into the airport to board a plane to some exotic port, I am usually too excited by the prospect of getting away from it all to spend a lot of time worrying. But, I must confess, that I do have some anxiety when my plane takes off, and also when it lands. The thrust of the engines, the shuddering of that metal shell suddenly seems far too fragile.

And as far as riding in a car, well, I can never quite forget that two close family members have been killed in separate crashes. Death is never too far from life, really. But giving in to fear is not something I do if at all possible. What remedies do I use? Just one, usually. Affirmative prayer. It is a type of prayer that is positive, and powerful, and gets right to the heart of what ails me. Perhaps you might find comfort in one of the below prayers, or  suggest them to family members or close companions anxious about your journeys.

Girl prayingBlessing for Autos
This is God’s automobile. God’s law of order is evident in every aspect of its operation. God’s wisdom inspires the driver to be alert, to use good judgment, and to make right decisions. Everyone who travels in this car is safe and at peace.

Blessing for Airplanes
This is God’s airplane. As God’s law of order keeps the stars in their courses and the sun and moon in their paths, so it guides and directs the pilot and crew of this plane. The presence of God fills each person on board with a spirit of peace. I rest secure in God’s protecting presence, and all is well.


6 thoughts on “Travel Worries”

  1. Thank you very much for sharing your comfort before traveling. Having also lost family to car accidents, this is definitely something I think about before I start to drive. May your journeys be safe and beautiful.

  2. “Life is never far from death.”

    That’s one we talk about fairly often here, where my children have a sibling whose life was measured in days.

    My husband is a chef, and works weekends. The children and I travel out of state by car, several times a year. Sometimes, the weight of not just my life, but theirs, is a little overwhelming, and I can;t see how we could avoid an accident, with all the risk factors involved ) I was raised in a rather histrionic environment, so panic states come easily.

    I don’t pray in the taditional sense, but these affirmative thoughts could work with a more spiritual bent, just as easily.

    Thanks, Xina. These might ease my mind before we set out on our next jaunt!

    1. I can’t imagine dealing with the death of a child. My mother-in-law has outlived her husband and two of her children and I don’t even know how she gets up and goes on, but somehow she does. I guess because she has to? I’m so sorry that you’ve dealt with this, too. I hope it’s not intrusive to ask what happened to your child? If it is, I apologize.

      Affirmative prayers always feel so much more empowering to me than some of the other kind of prayers. It is really hard to keep my thoughts from wandering into dark terrain sometimes, so I get what you’re saying.

      Thanks for your thoughtful reply!

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