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Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginnings

Young black cat on chair

Over at the Daily Post they have a Weekly Photo Challenge that I will probably be participating in only sporadically. The first theme for 2014 is “Beginnings.” Initially I thought I would post a picture of the newest baby in my family – 4 month old Michaela. But when I saw this picture of teenage kitty girl Maya I decided to choose it instead. I love how young, sweet, and slinky she is – those big eyes and ears and the dangling, too-big-for-her collar. There’s something so heartwarming about a living being just starting out in life. In the words of Commander Spock: may she live long and prosper. Oh, and I should speak to her about The Cat’s Guide to Human Behavior, since she lives in a household of five of the vexatious creatures …


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginnings”

      1. I’m sure you will. The most important thing is to be interested in photography and i’m sure you are, running a blog. It’s a very nice moment and pic.

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