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Cats, Cats, Everywhere Cats, Vol. 3

In celebration of my upcoming book release – The Cat’s Guide to Human Behavior – I will be spamming you gracing you with various hilarious (to me, anyhow), carefully selected cat videos, pictures, and gifs. Enjoy, my lovelies!

I’ve got stuff to do, stuff to knead, stuff to …. zzzzzz

 photo kitteh-1.gif
 photo Flying_Attack_Cat.jpg
Thought you could lock me out in the cold, did you? I’ll show you …
 photo Hey_I_Want_In.jpg
Whatcha doin’? Huh?
 photo What_Is_This_Device.jpg
This one speaks for itself.
 photo funny-pictures-cat-wants-curtains-f.jpg

Also, I can’t seem to embed any videos here for some odd reason (suggestions, anyone?) but this video of Cats Stealing Dogs’ Beds is most excellent!


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