Cats, Cats, Everywhere Cats – Vol. 2


I kept meaning to post on Caturday (Saturdays) but alas either my wrists are hurting, preventing that, or I’m running around like a chicken with her head cut off or collapsed in exhaustion from said running around and playing Words With Friends on my Kindle Fire – often with kitty snuggling me. And of course you cat lovers know that snuggles cannot be disturbed!


This is a very sly kitty … moving slow and careful sometimes works wonders.

One cat steals food from another

Excuse me, but I was looking at that!

Cat opens blind on its own.


This is what I look like at the grocery store.

Cat pushes cart


A security cat. You need this.

Cat chases away racoon


If your cat DOESN’T chase away these critters, this is the inevitable result:

Racoon eats popcorn.


This is my kitty, who scurrilously plots to keep me from my writing duties by plopping down on my lap:

Cat on woman's lap


———> Look in the right hand column … The Cat’s Guide to Human Behavior will debut on November 1st! Comment here to be notified when it’s out! Or visit the publisher’s site for all the feline-related wonderfulness it provides!


This is the funniest video you will see all week. I can pretty much guarantee it!

About Xina Marie Uhl

An Arizona native, I currently live in sunny Southern California with my husband and a minor menagerie of dogs, cats, birds, and aquatic creatures. I’ve held a number of wildly different jobs in my life, from accounting clerk to history instructor, but writing has been something I’ve always done. My fiction is available through XC, and includes the fantasy adventures Necropolis, The Gauntlet Thrown and The Challenge Accepted, Books One and Two of the Gauntlet Trilogy.

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