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Cats, cats, everywhere cats!

Welcome to my semi-regular cat post, in which I gather a scattering of cat-related links, gifs, and videos! Expect some educational information occasionally and general silliness regularly.

Cat Sense book coverThing One:

The author of the new book Cat Sense: How the New Feline Science Can Make You a Better Friend to Your Pet gave a very interesting interview on NPR’s Fresh Air, which you can download or listen to HERE. One interesting tidbit: when your cat drags the bloodied corpse of a bird or other small animal into the house, she’s not doing it to “show” you their kill, but just because home is a safe place – her home, the place she brings her treasures. Little does she know that you will likely fling it into the trash.

Thing Two:

Having trouble getting your kids to attend to their tooth care? Well, here’s a solution for you! Just train your cat to assist:


Thing Three:

What about laundry? Maybe your child or significant other refuses to deposit his dirty clothes in the hamper. Having a laundry cat can help them to remember to do this!

laundry catHave a wonderful weekend!


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