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“Ask me anything you like…” – John Julius Norwich

Ah, Byzantium! Such a sparkling, beautiful, corrupt place – just the way I like it! Enjoy this most excellent write-up on one of the premier historians of Byzantium, and more, as well.

Rearview Mirror


This featured post had originally intended to highlight a collection of history books that bloggers or enthusiasts would find interesting enough to read. After setting aside some favourite books in my home library that I had wished to ‘recommend’, I realized there were far too many. Narrowing them down into author categories I realised one author stood out from the rest. John Julius Norwich. A week ago I had decided to email Lord Norwich as to whether I could interview him with a series of short questions to add a little depth to my write up. To my surprise, I received a reply and before I knew it I was sharing correspondence with a literary great. I explained to him my passion for history and Byzantium and my plan to present questions to him, with his reply being,

Ask me anything you like. But I warn you, I’m…

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